Class Policies

Class Routines

  • end of class: We will work until the end of class. If you finish early there is a list of end of period literacy activities you can do in the student center.

Textbook & Materials         

  1. 1” binder (or bigger)
  2. 5 divider tabs
  3. lined paper, pens, pencils
  4. composition notebook
  5. pleasure reading material in any language (book or magazine)
  6. FVRL library card

Binders will be checked and should be in this order:

  • syllabus, miscellaneous handouts
  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • literature
  • writing

We will be using Chromebooks and other technology in the classroom often. Our textbook is internet linked and includes listening & speaking features that require an internet connection at home. Please contact me if this is an issue.


Current grades are always available to families on Skyward. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this system but setting up your username and password. Teachers make mistakes! Please keep all returned work and check your grades to ensure that your records match mine.

90-100 A   80-89 B  70-79 C  60-69 D  <60 F

  • Tests & Quizzes 30%
  • Homework &Activities 25%
  • Participation 15%
  • Papers & Projects 30%


Things that affect your participation grade include punctuality, attitude, organization, and working well with others in class. This means that being on time to class, having all your materials and starting when the bell rings, offering your original thoughts and being respectful of others’ contributions will make a difference in your overall grade.

Rules & Expectations

These are things we will talk about and establish together as a class. Something to think about is what kind of things do YOU think make a classroom a place where you feel safe and where you can learn a lot?

Homework, Late Work, Tests & Quizzes

Written assignments must be typed, double-spaced, New Times Roman 12 pt font, with 1” margins and a centered title. Your name, the date, and class period go in the upper left-hand corner.

I do accept late work, but at a reduced grade. If you want credit for your work, by all means, turn it in! If you want full credit, turn it in ON TIME. Generally, I will take 10% off for every day the assignment is late during the first week it is late.

Please talk to me ahead of time (at least one day before) if you are having a problem of any kind getting the assignment completed. Life happens, and if you talk to me first, I may give you an extension on the due date.

Extra points will be offered in the form of class competitions (quarter trios), teacher vs student, and a few other ways. You will be given 2 bathroom passes for each semester. While I prefer you take care of your  needs between classes, I understand that on occasion it is not possible. If you do not use your bathroom passes, you may cash them in  at the end of the semester for extra points.

You may retake any test or quiz you do poorly on.


Attendance in high school is very important for learning and for maintaining your grades. If you must be absent your parents MUST call the attendance office (360) 885-5700 to excuse the absence. During your absence, you can check the class website for missed work.

It is your responsibility to find out what you missed. Please check the absent binder for any worksheets and read the description of what we did in class. There you will also see any assignments you need to complete. These will also be posted on the website, so you can check them before you come back to school.

Cheating & Plagiarism

To plagiarize is defined as taking ideas and writings of someone else and passing them off as one’s own. If you are caught plagiarizing you will receive no credit for the plagiarized work, and students who allow others to copy their work will also receive a zero.

Plagiarism includes:

  • turning in someone else’s paper as your own
  • copying a friend’s paper 5 minutes before class (or having another teacher catch you copying work in his/her classroom)
  • failing to cite a source
  • copying an author’s exact words and passing them off as your own


Copying an entire article from the internet, for example, and pretending it is your own work is plagiarizing. You can guarantee I will check anything that doesn’t sound like YOU.


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