Quarter Trios Competition!

This week we are starting a new competition that will begin today and end at the end of the semester. Most of you will be placed in groups of 3, hence quarter trios.

*Grand prize at the end of the semester for the team with the most points is that each team member’s lowest score will be DROPPED FROM THE GRADEBOOK.*

Bonus prizes along the way include:

  • extra points
  • bathroom passes
  • mystery box prizes (candy? dollar store treasures? who knows?)
  • the right to CHOOSE your next quarter trio team
  • the right to take points away from another team
  • homework passes
  • phone call home saying how awesome you are

Here’s what you need to do to play and earn points:

Standing Offers for points include:

1. I witness a random act of kindness/awesomeness.

2. Snap a real-life grammar fail and email me the shot along with an explanation of how to fix the error.  The photo needs to include at least one team member’s face. Only errors on professionally printed signage will be awarded points. Sorry, no handwritten grammar crimes accepted.

3. Send me a picture of your team members enjoying a school function. This can be a dance, a sporting event, or something that takes place outside of school hours.

4. Take a selfie of everyone from your team with one administrator (Mr. Drake, Ms. Byrd, Mr. Castro or Mrs. Watts.) Send it to me in an email.

5. Find one of our academic vocabulary words in a book or other reading material. Highlight or mark it with a sticky note, and bring it to me.

6. Bring in a quote that supports our Growth Mindset display wall. The quote must be printed and in a large enough font to be seen across the room.

In addition to this I will give you a few challenges each week:

This week:

I’ve posted a random trivia question about an author on the class website. Find the answer and come tell me what it is.

I will update points on Fridays and award bonus prizes the following week.

First Assignment is to get together with your group and make up a name.


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