Global Cookbook

Please go to this link Global Recipes and check out the cool cookbook a group of students in DC made.


Your assignment will be similar. Think of a dish your mom or someone in your family makes that you love. Really think about something special that you’d like everyone to know about.

Now write a narrative paragraph ( story) about this dish. What is it? When is it made? Describe the smell, the flavor, the colors. Tell the story of how this dish is important to you.

Your paragraph should be about 10 sentences (more or less.) Submit it to me for proofreading, or have a friend look at it. Type it in googledocs.

Get the recipe and write it out. If your mom doesn’t have it written down, then sit down with her and have her tell it to you. It’s important!

Finally, include a picture/photo of the actual dish (from your personal pictures or from the internet.)


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