Global Cookbook

Please go to this link Global Recipes and check out the cool cookbook a group of students in DC made.   Your assignment will be similar. Think of a dish your mom or someone in your family makes that you love. Really think about something special that you’d like everyone to know about. Now write a narrative … More Global Cookbook

Dorothea Lange

  Here is a short video about Lange with more details about her photo Migrant Mother and others. This week you will work to create your own images that elicit different emotions. Your assignment is to take and bring in 5 different photos you have taken. Each one should express a different emotion. You will mount them to … More Dorothea Lange

Dr. Martin Luther King

Last week we spent a lot of time discussing Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail as well as his ideas about negative and positive peace. During our discussion we brainstormed ways to support people when we see injustice happening before our eyes. Remember that negative peace would be to simply ignore the problem in order to avoid … More Dr. Martin Luther King


This week in Intermediate ESL we will explore the literary concept of mood. Watch this short film based on Edgar Allen Poe’s short story The Tell-tale Heart, and decide what kind of mood the story has.  

October 3-7 Literacy Focus: Writing

Last week we spent quite a bit of time reading (and re-reading!) the non-fiction article “This Apple Could Have Been Saved,” from Scope magazine. We explored both “text structure” as well as “text features,” to help us understand more of what we read. This week we will begin the process of writing a summary of an informational text.